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Keylet Sales and Lettings Agents Cardiff - Helpful Information

Permission to let

Should your property be subject to a mortgage, the responsibility is your own to ensure your mortgage lender gives permission to sublet. Keylet will assume that all necessary checks have been made, therefore we cannot be held responsible should a tenant decide to make a claim against you or if you face repossession through mortgage arrears. If your property is leasehold, your lease will specify whether it is necessary to obtain permission to sub-let from your superior landlord or the managing agent. It is wise to clarify the situation before marketing the property as some landlords place restrictions on the type of sub-letting which will be approved.

Proof of ownership

We are required due to the Money Laundering Act to ensure that each property we let is owned by the individual we are instructed by, therefore proof of ownership is required. This can be in the form of documentation from the Land Registry, which we can obtain for you for an additional fee, a mortgage statement or solicitors completion paperwork. In addition, we require proof of your individual home address, in the form of a bank statement or utility bill and photographic proof of identity.


We recommend that you make the necessary arrangements with the post office to have your mail forwarded to your current address.


Ensuring that your property is adequately insured is essential, as most building insurance policies do not cover furnished lettings. We can provide information on insurance products please ask for details. 

Utility bills

It is your responsibility to ensure that all utilities including water, gas, electric, council tax and telephone accounts are finalised and closed before a tenancy can commence. New accounts may then be opened by the tenant upon moving into the property, and the tenant will continue to pay these bills for the duration of the tenancy. It is the landlords responsibility to pay all utility bills during periods of vacancy. Landlords of leasehold properties must still be responsible for any ground rent and service charges for the duration of any tenancies and of course during periods of vacancy. Please inform us if any service charges includes water rates.

Furnishing your property

From past experience, fully furnished properties tend to be more desirable with the highest market rentals being achieved. For advice and guidance, please do not hesitate to ask one of our advisors.


You are required to provide Keylet with one set of master keys and one set of keys per occupant. Please ensure that all bedroom keys, mail box keys, entry codes, car park space numbers, parking permits and entry fobs are given to Keylet before the commencement of the tenancy. Please ensure that any additional keys cut are tested before giving to the agent. For your peace of mind, please be aware that all our keys are coded and stored securely.


It is the landlord’s responsibility for any mechanical failure of goods within the property. Please ensure that Keylet are aware of any continuing warranties of any appliances. We encourage landlords to open an additional cover for central heating which can be provided by British Gas 3 Star Cover. For more information please contact British Gas on: 0845 3582476 or visit their website on: www.energychoices.co.uk. Upon handing over your property for rental, please ensure that all gas and electrical appliances are cleaned, serviced and in full working order.