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How to get a higher property valuation?

How to get a higher property valuation?

Vendors are always asking questions like, ‘how can I increase the value of my property?’ Or, ‘how can I sell my home quicker? Keylet can offer you free home staging advice to help maximise your properties potential. In this article we will discuss different levels of home staging and the difference it can make on your properties value.

Home staging for houses and apartments

Future buyers often try to envision a property as their home. Therefore, dressing up the property with subtle homely features can help them picture their future home more easily.  Keeping your property clean and tidy is also key when presenting your home to potential buyers, less is more! A clean and tidy property will maximise the room space and be easier for a prospective buyer to picture their life there. Small decorations can be made to improve your home. A neutral colour scheme throughout your property is proven to maximise its value, this is both cost effective and becomes more appealing to buyers. Modernising your home will always help add to its value, whether this is removing home furnishings such as ornaments or putting a new kitchen or bathroom in. An example of this is the study below, the difference can clearly be seen in the marketing photos of two different apartments within the same development.

Reresby CourtReresby Court

Figure 1                                                                                                        Figure 2

Reresby CourtReresby Court

Figure 3                                                                                                         Figure 4

Throughout a development different apartments will have the same interior decorations, making modifications can increase the value on the property and make it more attractive to prospective buyers. When home staging is applied, as seen in figures 1 & 2, this property was sold for £159,000. Figures 3 & 4 show the properties original interior, this was sold at £135,000. At Keylet we offer free home staging advice on our website to all vendors. Andrew, our sales manager, said “An identical layout in the same development can create a huge difference in price if home staging is done well”.

You can spend around £5,000 on home staging but could generate an extra £10,000 on the total valued property price. This could be smaller changes such as removing clutter, tidying and redecorating, or larger modifications as seen above like replacing the kitchen or bathroom. Permanent changes to your property could include new flooring or re tiling. Short term changes to dress your property could be furniture and home furnishings which could be sold with the property and in turn add to its value.

If you are looking to sell your home and are seeking advice on how to increase your properties total value then visit our home staging page on our website: https://keylet.co.uk/keylet-home-staging-advice or make sure you stop by for a chat with one of our experienced team for some top tips! Contact our sales team on 02920 489000 (option 1).