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Report Repairs & Maintenance


How do I report repairs & maintenance?

If you are living in a managed property with Keylet then please report any maintenance via our Fixflo page CLICK HERE. or by clicking the icon to the side. This system allows you to report maintenance or any causes for concern at the property you are residing in. The system can be accessed in over 40 languages, and you will have the opportunity to provide photograph’s of the issues, along with make and model numbers for any appliances. The system is designed with you in mind, and is a user friendly tool which should make renting a property easier for you.


What is Fixflo?

Fixflo is a property software application that allows you to report maintenance via their online system 24/7. The user friendly system is image based and helps you identify the problem and whether it can be resolved by you or the landlord. For a guide on tenant Vs landlord maintenance please visit our page here CLICK HERE. Fixflo allows for you to communicate with us through the system, so that you can easily track the progress of your maintenance report. You will also have the opportunity to give authorisation as to whether a set of management keys can be used for access or whether you would like to be present. Our skilled set of contractors who pick up this job can then contact you via the app to schedule a suitable time and day with you.


Please remember if you are a LET ONLY property, then all maintenance issues will need to be reported to the landlord direct, and will not be picked up via the system.


Please remember if there is an EMERGENCY at the property, to contact our out of hours office number (02920388399), which will direct you to the most suitable contractor.